Our Passion

Since 1997, T. Mae Yoshida has integrated her long-standing expertise as legal counsel to medical providers with her experience in the rapidly-evolving healthcare industry to offer the best in revenue recovery and revenue enhancement to hospitals and healthcare professionals.

Our Approach

We consider our clients within the context of their business. Whether the engagement is legal representation, revenue enhancement, or revenue recovery, we use our experience to help our clients identify areas of exposure, risk, and opportunity.

Through our own state-certified proprietary software to communicate with the State of California’s workers’ compensation database, we integrate information systems technology to ensure that our services minimally impact daily operations.

In a world where medical costs are under constant pressure, we help our clients maximize revenue.

The Company

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T. Mae Yoshida, Supervising Attorney
Shogo J. Garcia, Supervising Attorney
Hon. David D. Bovett (Ret.), Of Counsel
Alice Branch, Director of Operations
Wolf Schubert, Information Systems