Excellence in Health Care Recovery

Since 1997, T. Mae Yoshida has integrated her long-standing expertise as legal counsel to medical providers with her experience in the rapidly-evolving healthcare industry to offer the best in revenue recovery and revenue enhancement to hospitals and healthcare professionals.

The Law Offices of Yoshida & Garcia is a specialty law firm offering comprehensive revenue recovery services in workers’ compensation and third-party liability (TPL) accounts.  Our proprietary technology and legal expertise transform undiscovered revenues into a reliable source of third-party account recovery, integrated seamlessly into the current revenue cycle operations of each of our unique clients.


State-Certified Technology. Utilizing state-certified proprietary technology developed by our in-house IT department, we specialize in identifying undiscovered sources of revenue in workers’ compensation and personal injury (TPL) accounts.

Revenue Cycle Integration. Our information systems technology is customized to the individual needs of each client to provide seamless communication and workflow integration – thereby ensuring minimal impact on daily operations.

Attorney-Client Relationship. Our direct legal representation provides ongoing consultation, support, and data analysis to ensure that our clients are optimally-positioned to identify areas of exposure, risk, and opportunity.

Dispute Resolution. We handle all aspects of the third-party recovery process, from preliminary investigation to multiparty civil litigation. Our direct legal representation ensures that your recovery rights are fully protected and enforced, while disputes are resolved quickly and amicably.